Welcome to the MIT Club of Israel!

We are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Club of Israel, a volunteer organization run by and for Israeli alumni of MIT. Established in 1955, the Club strives to create a strong community of Israel-based individuals who are alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Much like other MIT alumni clubs worldwide, the Club offers a variety of activities, services, and opportunities to its members, while enhancing MIT’s reputation in Israeli society. We bring together alumni via networking events, keynote talks by MIT faculty or local alumni, outdoor and family activities, and special interest committees and activities. The Club is an invaluable resource for alumni looking to stay connected and to enhance their careers.

This website is your gateway to activities and news about the MIT Club of Israel, a way to find out what your fellow alumni are doing and to stay connected. 
Please check back here periodically as we update the site with new events, stories about volunteers and alumni, and information about ways to participate.

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Along with the other alumni clubs, we are transitioning to a new platform aimed at bringing together under a common umbrella the various aspects of members' on-line experience of the club. Don't forget to check out our new Israel alumni groups under Network-Groups.

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